Machinery Management Service, Inc.
1550 N 5th Street, Charleston, Illinois 61920
Specializing in the containerization of large machinery
If we can’t load can’t be loaded
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Service, Inc.
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Operating out of our Charleston, Illinois facility,
MMS Inc.
serves the world export industry by
offering freight consolidation, machine
disassembly, container loading, and related
MMS Inc. is an industry leader in the
development of specialized techniques for the
disassembly and loading of very large equipment.

We can containerize virtually ANY type of freight,
but specialize in construction, agricultural, and
industrial machines and equipment, such as four
wheel drive tractors, high boy sprayers, trucks,
dozers, loaders, and
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Welcome! Today is
Because of our advanced techniques, MMS Inc.
is capable of loading entire machines into one
container. No need for extra containers, extra
trucking or extra shipping.  This translates into
tremendous cost savings to you.  

Our ability to utilize container space has saved
our clients in some cases up to $20,000.  And
that's on the shipment of
only one machine!  In
the shipping business efficiency is the key to
success. We know you will be surprised at what
we can get into a container.  If we can't load it..
it can’t be loaded.

Give us a call for a free consultation. Let us
show you how we can streamline your shipping
operations and save you money.